The Preci-Flex compensating clutch that work with all tang-drive CNC turning centers includes a floating coupling between the turret-drive motor’s tang and the toolholder, which self-compensates for misalignments between the holder and machine when in operation. This reduces vibration and tool chatter, leading to smoother operation, better surface finishes, and longer tool life. It also offers repeatability down to 3 μm. And the clutch limits the amount of damage to the clutch’s coupling should the machine crash.
The clutches, designed and built by Exsys Tool Inc., San Antonio, Fla., provides a connection between tool and machine that is twice the size of standard spindles. The larger connection provides more surface area for strong and precise connections, and lets the machine transfer more torque to the tool, eliminating lost power between motors and toolholders.
The clutch fills the gaps at the top and bottom of drive-motor tangs when engaged with the toolholder, which reduces wear on motor connections. Thus, the clutch fits all the way around the motor’s drivetrain, eliminating backlash and delivering quieter operation compared to similar systems cutting the same workpiece materials at the same speeds and feeds.
The clutch is available in a range of sizes and styles.