Salaries And Satisfaction Inch Up, Exceeding Expectations

The surveys have been returned and the data collated for this year’s look at engineering salaries and attitudes. And judging by one key finding, average salary, engineers are doing well. Last year they earned an average salary of $89,200. That figure rose a respectable 5% this year to $93,000, far outpacing the 1.3% raise expected by respondents for this year.

Engineers are also more content these days, with a higher percentage saying they felt fairly compensated for their work. Last year, only 67% said their pay was fair. This favorable view regarding pay likely affected how engineers looked at their jobs overall. Job satisfaction, for example rose, going from 90% satisfied in 2013, with only 18% extremely satisfied, to 97% satisfied this year and 50% extremely satisfied.

Salary Survey Infographic

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