Miles Budimir

Stress-free strain gaging
Signal-conditioning IC simplifies strain-gage bridge sensor setup.
Nylon for neophytes
Nylon 12 heat-shrinkable electrical connectors handle tough environments their weaker cousins can't.
Bright ideas
LEDs and controls continue to make headway in the lighting market. Here's a look at the best and brightest.
Putting out the spark
New circuit breaker quells deadly electrical arcs.
Wireless technology moves into motion control
Wireless computer connections are no longer just for consumers or laptopped coffee hounds camped out in Starbucks. The technology is likely to have a prominent role in motion-control applications.
A push for Unity
In the quest to simplify control-system design, motion-control companies have been pressed to become one-stop shops for control components and systems. In that vein, Schneider Electric, North Andover, Mass. has released Unity, an integrated software and PLC-processor automation platform.
Setting the stage for good machine design
No matter how sophisticated your motion controller, it can't overcome a poorly designed electromechanical system.
In sync
Where Ethernet runs out of steam, SynqNet picks up the slack.
Motor control made easy
Today's power and motor-control systems need to be flexible and intelligent, especially when it comes to complying with the increasing trend of cutting power costs on the millions of motors used in consumer and industrial products. A new line of motor-control chips can help designers reach those goals.
Brushless servos keep inertia low
Brushless dc servomotors from Servo Magnetics, Canoga Park, Calif. (, come in 22 and 36-mm frame sizes. Motor lengths can be customized to meet specific requirements in X-Y positioning tables, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, high-speed servomechanisms, flow-control valves, and other industrial-process equipment.
Profibus goes real-time
The Profibus trade organization has announced a Profinet real-time extension for general automation applications. A second Profinet real-time extension is also under way for high-performance motion-control applications.
Orders are up, say industrial robot makers
New orders for industrial robots jumped 28% through September 2003, according to figures released by the Robotic Industries Association (RIA). North American robotics suppliers received a total of 10,382 robots valued at $727.5 million through the first nine months of 2003, which is an increase of 28% in units and 15% in dollars over the same period in 2002.
Globetrotting machines
Motion-control companies must develop global feature sets to stay competitive in a changing world market.
Products simplify motion design
Several new motion-control products from National Instruments, Austin (, promise to simplify motion-control system design. Chief among these is NI-Motion 6.0, driver software for distributed motion control based on Ethernet.
Spotlight on safety
Siemens Energy and Automation, Atlanta, has formed Safety Integrated U.S.A. to bring the latest safety technology to the company's U.S. automation product lines including PLCs, sensors, industrial control products, motion control, and drives.
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