Miles Budimir

Wired for a slam dunk
Hasbro's Nerf basketballs are wired with electroluminescent (EL) light from Elam EL Industries Ltd., Jerusalem, Israel.
Study focuses on near-perfect lens
A study by Dr. Tom Mackay of the University of Edinburgh and Professor Akhlesh Lakhtakia of Penn State may solve one of the great challenges in optics and electromagnetics.
Coming Soon To Circuit Boards: The electronic potentiometer
A new breed of electronically adjustable resistors promises to ease fine-tuning in sensors and other electronic devices.
How small can you go?
A 10-bit magnetic rotary encoder...
China ups the motor ante
China's motor manufacturers are well versed in small, standard motors. Now they're setting their sights on steppers and servos.
Latest LabView upgrade does fine in real time
The latest upgrade to LabView from National Instruments, Austin, incorporates support for real-time control and redesigned modules for running on different platforms such as PDAs and FPGAs.
Data on the go
Incremental improvements in chip technology help usher in the newest wave of flashy consumer electronics.
Spec calls for more-efficient PC power supplies
In a move to reduce computer power consumption, Intel,Santa Clara, Calif. announced a new set of guidelines for power-supply manufacturers.
Electric actuators push hydraulics out of off-highway equipment
Electric actuators eliminate pumps, hoses and valves, and make vehicles smaller, lighter, and quieter.
Third time's the charm
The third generation of the Sercos network protocol, dubbed Sercos III, combines legacy Sercos with Ethernet.
Slicing steel with water and sand
Tight control helps waterjet cutters slice through just about anything.
Small motors position big glass
Optical assemblies are precisely positioned using a miniature dc motor, encoder, and a low-backlash planetary gearhead.
Sensor sees a colorful world
Designers now have a drop-in option for adding color-sensing capabilities to products, thanks to a new integrated sensor from TAOS Inc.
Controls target M2M
New hardware and software from Opto 22 uses the familiar Internet Protocol (IP) to link machine processes such as sensor and production data with enterprise software.
Power in small packages
Packaging improvements let dc-to-dc converters and power modules pack in the juice.
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