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Cost-conscious molding
Permanent graphite molds and a knowledgeable metal-casting house can help designers of zinc-aluminum-alloy parts go from art to part in less than six weeks.
Houston hotbed for automation firms
The Houston area saw its second beachhead from an automation supplier recently with the opening of a customer technology center there by Phoenix Contact USA.
CAD and CAM help shop pump out micromedical parts
CAD and CAM software from Delcam Inc. of Windsor, Canada (, help a medical manufacturer pump out hundreds of thousands of tiny pacing leads every month.
Digital Load Sensors With USB Output
iLoad Series digital load/force sensors use a patented capacitive sensing technology that combines the core load or force-sensing function with integrated computing and communications modules for Plug and Sense simplicity in a rugged, low-profile package.
60-MM Counterrotating Cooling Fan
A 60-millimeter counterrotating fan comes in 12-Vdc S-speed and H-speed models.
Dielectric Silicone Gels
EPM-2480, EPM-2481, and EPM-2482 dielectric gels are for encapsulation of chip packages in devices where outgassing-related contamination poses a problem.
Silicone Overmolding For Medical Devices
A range of medical-grade silicones withstand hundreds of sterilizations and adhere to stainless steel, aluminum, PEEK (polyetheretherkeytone) and Radel R polyphenylsulfone, among other substrates.
Stainless-Steel Draw Latch
The V7 draw latch combines sleek aesthetic design with corrosion-resistant 316-stainless-steel construction, making it an attractive option for exterior storage compartments on upscale boats or recreational vehicles, and other highly visible enclosures exposed to the elements.
Hex Recess Socket Screws Target Critical Applications
Hex recess socket screws come in socket head-cap, button, flat-head, and shoulder designs in sizes ranging from #0 to 1.5-in. diameter depending on material, size, and configuration.
TPE Delivers Rubberlike Flex
Zeotherm 100-60B, a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), is based on polyacrylate (ACM) elastomers dispersed in a polyamide (nylon) matrix.
Heat-Shrinkable Tubing
Raychem URHT heat-shrinkable tubing is a black, flame-retardant, cross-linked polyolefin with an 8:1 shrink ratio, making it suitable for applications where tubing must conform to oddly shaped substrates or fit over large objects such as connectors and components found in electrical wiring harnesses.
High-Flex Silicon Cables
High-flex silicone cables retain flexibility and electrical properties in –65 to 260°C temperatures and withstand exposure to high levels of ultraviolet, radiation, and ozone.
Gliding high with servos
Flocks of unmanned paragliders steer themselves through dangerous missions using innovative servoactuators.
Electronic Pill Dispenser Prevents Medication Errors
Chronically ill patients taking several drugs each day may not need to worry about medication errors anymore, thanks to Larry Shusterman.
What's good for GM...
I'm happy to report business is booming at our system-integrator firm.
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