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Clutches offer improved backlash
Slip-Ease is a new, low-backlash variant of the company’s existing line of multiplate in-line slip clutches.
Product Spotlight — Sensors
Four new sensor products improve the operation of myriad designs. A ZoneControl sensor goes between the rollers on conveyors. A rotary-angle sensor provides absolute, rotary position with a magnetic pickup. A magnetic-angle sensor for automated applications measures from 0 to 360° with absolute output. An ultrasonic sensor is identical to its electronic counterpart.
Free full-access pass to IMPACT Manufacturing Summit
A free, full-access pass to IMPACT Manufacturing Summit is available to MACHINE DESIGN Subscribers.
Temperature sensors
TM-950 Series temperature sensors use an open (exposed) thermistor design for faster response to temperature fluctuation than with closed (encapsulated) designs. The sensors can be used to monitor temperatures in any nonconductive fluid. Glass is fused inside the sensor housing, and inductive soldering around the thermistor leads to produce a hermetic seal.
Brushless servomotors
The RapidPower Plus Series of high-torque, high-performance brushless servomotors are designed for higher-precision applications. The low-vibration BLDC motors use M-8 ceramic and rare-earth neodymium magnets, to provide quick acceleration and consistent speed (up to 15,000 rpm). Sealed ball bearings and reduced torque ripple from skewed magetization also ensure a smooth operation at any speed.
Multigas flowmeters/controllers

The FMA7400/7500 (elastomer seal) and (-SS) (metal seal) Series thermal-mass flowmeters and controllers overcome the limitation of many thermal-mass flow units when changing gas types. The unit’s database is built on thousands of native gas runs to establish correction functions that account for both thermal and physical differences among gases.

Harmonic gearhead
A harmonic gearhead featuring the latest harmonic, strain-wave gearing technology replaces larger, high-ratio planetary gearheads. The unit features high torque, true zero backlash, and extremely precise positional accuracy.
Simulator improves race-car performance 1
Dallara Automobili has been looking into ways to shorten product-development time and reduce the cost of testing and driver training compared to track testing
Precision ring drive
The new Precision Ring Drive (PRD), provides precision motion control for indexing and rotary-positioning systems.
Looking Back 5/10/2012
Clean mail in an hour: Mail-Klenz from APO Health, Oceanside, N.Y., sterilizes an entire envelope and its contents in less than an hour using dry or steam heat
Flexible vinyl compounds
The BioVinyl flexible-vinyl compounds use phthalate-free, bio-based Ecolibrium plasticizers.
Polylactic acid bioplastic
The company’s polylactic acid (PLA) bioplastic compound line now includes impact modified grades for select semidurable and durable applications.
Glass microspheres
Glass Bubbles are lightweight, low-density additives with very-high strength-to-density ratios.
Backtalk 4/05/2012
A former University of California at Berkeley quarterback set a new world record in the world of competitive paper-airplane flying
Looking Back 4/05/2012
Hide your picnic baskets! The newest addition to the Cybug family of robots from Mondo-tronic’s Robot Store, San Rafael, Calif., is a giant Queen Ant
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