The Inter-University MicroElectronics Center (imec), based in Belgium, opened the doors to its new research center in Osceola County, Florida, which will focus on photonics, high-speed electronics, and integrated circuits. In addition to creating hundreds of tech jobs, the facility is expected to be a catalyst in establishing Florida as a center for technology in connective and interactive devices, and advancing sensor research and development.

The partnership with Orlando’s International Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing Research (ICAMR) was announced on July 8. Using technology at the nanoelectronics research center, imec will research manufacturing methods for new generations of “smart sensors” that can be used in the Internet of Things for medicine, smart cars, and other areas expected to grow significantly within the next decade.

The not-for-profit nanotechnology research and development firm licenses technologies to private businesses. In establishing its first U.S. presence, imec hopes to build a strong community of researchers in Florida, and promote partnerships with local research institutes and universities. It’s anticipated the partnership will create over 100 jobs in the region within the next five years, as well as produce some of the most cutting-edge sensors for burgeoning industries.