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George Roxton (not verified)
on Oct 21, 2013

Are you sure that 27.78 mph held by Usain Bolt is correct? He did 100 meters in 9.69 sec. That should translate to approx. 37.17 km/hr or 23.2 mph.

Mark1 (not verified)
on Oct 21, 2013

@George, you have got Usain's average speed there; seeing as he started from stopped he would have to have hit at least the 27mph mark at some point...

Anonymous (not verified)
on Oct 22, 2013

23.2 mph would be the average over the 100 m. 27.78 is definitely reasonable considering starting speed would be zero.

LM (not verified)
on Oct 21, 2013

Interesting. Compliments to the Beauties. Regards, LM

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