The new Redline RPM 430Q from Adams Golf, Plano, Tex., a 430-cm 3 titanium driver with a carbon-composite crown, features a series of adjustable weights.

The company's RePositioned Mass technology distributes 44 gm of clubhead weight, including two 10-gm and two 2-gm screws that mount in four 5-gm ports along the lower perimeter. Positioning ports low along the clubhead perimeter is supposed to add forgiveness on mis-hits.

Putting the 10-gm weights in the interior ports produces a high launch angle and ball trajectory with little movement left or right. Moving them into the outer ports yields a lower, straight trajectory. Weighting the heel produces a draw, with the ball curving to the left.

In similar fashion, moving more weight to the toe makes the ball curve, or fade, to the right.

Weights can be positioned in six different configurations to adjust launch angle and spin rates, and customize trajectory and ball curvature for the best distance and accuracy. This lets players tailor the club to course or playing conditions and compensate for deficiencies in their swings.