A new range of oils, greases, coatings, and solid lubes includes Kluber and Kyodo Yushi greases for high precision machinery.

Features & benefits

  • Kyodo Yushi line of greases suitable for Fanuc and Kawasaki industrial robots, vacuum applications, extreme temperatures

  • Kluber series of greases suits high-speed, high-load, and high heat applications, as well as eccentric rollers, drafting equipment, actuators, and ball bearings

  • DuPontÍs Krytox grease is a fluorinated, aerospace-grade grease for chemical processing, hot automotive applications, and aerospace military specs

  • Exclusive Ultra Dry Lube (UDL) process is a modified (WS2) Tungsten Disulfide in lamellar form that can be molecularly bonded to any metallic substrate; Lightning Solid Lube Polyethylene (LSLP) available for food grade, FDA/USDA approved

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