A new dual-action head assembly for the AquaMaKKs line of watercooled brakes provides both fail-safe parking and precision tension braking capability.

AquaMaKKs water-cooled brakes provide accurate torque control for constant tensioning in heavy-duty continuous-slip tension applications such as drawworks and other hoisting systems. Copper wear plates are used for heat absorption. A patent-pending water-jacket design ensures high heat absorption and torque stability.

A spring-set feature assists primary braking systems in parking and E-stops by providing additional torque during a controlled system failure and additional braking redundancy.

The dual-action head assembly can be retrofit onto existing pneumatically controlled 25 and 36-Size Aqua- MaKKs units. Spring-set and tensioning functions are either pneumatically or hydraulically operated with fewer parts for simple installation and maintenance.

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