The next generation of piGRIP bag lips, known as BGI, includes an internal retainer piece and three additional diameter sizes. Six diameter sizes are available — 25, 34, 41, 48, 63, and 80 mm.

The original piGRIP bag lips (BG) handled most types of bags and pouches. The special lip design, along with the rigid and strong piGRIP bellows/body allows for bag-handling speeds and accelerations never attained before in automation equipment for bags/pouches.

The new retainer piece prevents thin bags or films from being drawn into the cup, thus improving grip performance and eliminating marks on the thin-bag materials. Both the lip and retainer piece are made of FDA-approved materials.

A new stronger bonding solution between the lip and bellows prevent lips from coming off during working cycles. A new locking sleeve, (retainer) guarantees the lip stays in position.

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