An extensive line of Loctite adhesives, sealants, potting materials and threadlockers improve reliability and lower the cost of LED lighting devices, even for components exposed to extreme temperatures, dust/dirt, vibration and underwater submersion.

Products for LED design and assembly include lens bonding and sealing — Loctite 5510, a fast-curing adhesive/sealant; Loctite Superflex noncorrosive RTV sealant that resists water, chemicals and UV/ozone; Loctite 5050 Fastgasket UV-light cure silicone for high-speed bonding, gasketing, and sealing; Loctite 5600 two-part, noncorrosive flexible silicone sealant that fixtures in 5 min; and Loctite E-30CL ultraclear, lowviscosity, impact-resistant epoxy adhesive.

Potting products include Loctite E-40EXP explosionproof epoxy with excellent chemical resistance; Loctite 3173 low-viscosity polyurethane resin; Loctite 3145 epoxyresin formulated for improved flame retardance; and Loctite 5620 two-part, ultraclear, fast-cure noncorrosive silicone for transparent bond lines.

Structural and general-purpose adhesives include Loctite E-90FL, a flexible, impact-resistant toughened epoxy; Loctite H3300, a nonsag, fast-fixturing structural adhesive for bonding a variety of substrates; Loctite 435, a lowviscosity instant adhesive; and Loctite UK1366 B10, a highly flexible structural bonder with excellent moisture resistance.

Threadlocking products include Loctite 243 (blue) general-purpose, medium strength, removable, primerless; Loctite 246 (blue) high-temperature- resistant, removable, medium strength; and Loctite 263 (red) high strength for locking and sealing fasteners up to 1 in. in diameter.

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