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The AquaPruf 7400 Ultimate Series of conveyors from Dorner Manufacturing, Hartland, Wis. (, has been certified by the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture as the only modular conveyor equipped and acceptable for the meat and poultry industries. This means the conveyors meet or exceed USDA standards for function, sanitation, and cleanliness, goals Dorner engineers focused on when designing the conveyors. Features they added ensure the conveyors are suitable for food handling include a TIG-welded open frame with virtually no horizontal surfaces and TIG-welded rounded cross members that give bacteria no place to hide or multiply. The supports also use threadless feet, eliminating exposed threads, another potential bacteria breeding ground. There also are no fasteners in the food zone.

The Series is modular and includes starlight-flat, curved-flat, Z-frame, and cleated-belt versions. It can move loads of up to 20 lb/ft2 at speeds up to 233 fpm. The units can be up to 83-ft long and 3-ft wide.

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