General Electric, Fairfield, Conn., has cooked up a winner with its newest cooking method — Trivection Technology. Unveiled in late 2002, the technology has won numerous awards and publicity for its innovative use of a delicate balance of heat and time.

Three heating methods — thermal, microwave, and convection — were merged to create the Trivection Technology. GE engineers and product-development team members studied cooking requirements of food groups for over five years to come up with the correct proportion of energy necessary for the ideal texture, crispness, moistness, and browning. For example, a 22-lb turkey, which usually takes about 4 hr to cook, will be ready in 2 hr in a Trivection oven. To seal juices in, thermal and convection energy continuously brown the outside of the bird while microwave energy is used for 80% of the cooking cycle to speed up the process, preventing moisture loss.

GE Profile ovens with Trivection technology let users enter traditional oven temperatures and cook times. The AutoRecipe feature automatically converts and adjusts to the ideal heating combination and cook time for the food type. The units are available in single-wall, double-wall, or slide-in ranges. For more information, visit