Engineers at Rinspeed Design in Switzerland morphed a 4 4 Porsche 996 Carrera from a two-seat sports car into a sleek, four-seat pickup truck. Dubbed the Bedouin, the concept car is meant to show off the versatility of multipurpose vehicles and the imagination of Rinspeed engineers.

In its sports-car mode, the Bedouin clearly shows its Porsche 911 heritage. But those familiar with the Carrera will notice that the roof, which is made of aluminum, is a bit flatter and the rear fenders are a bit fatter. The bigger fenders make room for working air inlets that help cool the twin-turbocharged, six-cylinder Boxer engine.

The four-valve Porsche engine is modified to burn natural gas, a clean-burning fuel that consists almost entirely of methane. The 3.6-liter engine cranks out 420 hp at 6,000 rpm and 423 lb-ft of torque at 2,700 rpm. That's enough to take the 3,600-lb vehicle from 0 to 62 mph in 5.9 sec. Electronic and mechanical governors limit the top speed to 155 mph.

The transformation from sports car to truck begins at the push of a button on a remote. It starts two electric motors that turn twin jackscrews to lift the entire roof. The front part

of the roof folds, becoming the rear wall of the "cab," while the rear-roof section transforms into the truck bed. The tailgate, also electronically controlled, can be lowered to extend the bed by about 18 to a total of 72 in. According to Rinspeed, the bed can carry cargo or serve as a "modern tent." Mechanisms that raise and lower the roof are all hidden in the thicker sidewalls.

The Bedouin also carries milled, all-aluminum tailpipes on a stainless-steel exhaust system, chrome-plated LED taillights and flexible side-marking LEDs, and a prepreg composite body. The body sits about 6 in. higher than a stock Carrera, thanks to an Eibach suspension with adjustable ride height and firmness. A progressive-rate Wandfluh steering system lets drives go from full left to full right with only a half-turn of the steering wheel.