Pearlthane D11T85UV and D11T93 thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) from Merquinsa NA Inc., Sparta, N.J., reportedly have met or exceeded North American Tier 1 automotive specs for gear-shift knobs and spring insulators. The Pearlthane D11T85UV TPU line, based on a proprietary polycaprolactone technology, is reportedly easily overmolded in typical two-shot injection-molding applications. They also sport good wearability and scratch resistance.

The special UV resistance and colorability of this 85A Shore A TPU makes it suitable for demanding two-shot molding automotive-interior applications. It adheres well to a wide range of polar substrates such as ABS and PC. Currently, this TPE can be overmolded onto a variety of rigid substrates to provide a "leatherlike" feel, as well as resist wear and abrasion. The material ships in clear pellet form for coloring.

Pearlthane D11T93 resists oil, grease, and abrasion. Its high-temperature and hydrolysis performance versus standard polyester TPUs make it an option for elastomeric underhood applications. Additional grades will be available later this year.

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PropertyTest Method D11T93D11T85UV
Shore A hardness ASTM D-2240 9386
Tensile strength, kpsi ASTM D-412 5.85.8
Elongation @ break, %ASTM D-412 525600
Modulus @100 % elongation, kpsi ASTM D-412 1.230.87
Modulus @300 % elongation, kpsi ASTM D-412 2.5 1.45 
Tear strength, lb/in. ASTM D-624 (Die C)685515
Compression set (70 hr @ 73° F), % ASTM D-395 2020
Compression set ( 24 hr @ 158° F), % ASTM D-395 2935
Moisture content % MQSA 44 <0.05<0.1