THK America, Inc., announced a new generation of complete motion control packages by forming a strategic alliance with Yaskawa Electric, the world's largest producer of variable speed drives, servo controls and robotics.

This new complete motion control package is the perfect fusion of THK's new high performance, low-cost VLA series of linear actuators with Yaskawa's Legend Servo Amp & Controller and Sigma II servomotors. This integrated, out of the box motion control solution provides uncompromising performance and value for the North American factory automation marketplace. William Terry, Senior VP. Sales and Marketing, THK stated: "This alliance represents the best in mechanical products coupled with the best in electrical motion products with a "plug 'n work" architecture.

THK's new VLA Actuators have fewer components and a lower overall cost. By using a THK LM Guide for its base component, long-term cost savings are realized. VLA's incorporation of patented Caged Technology, a QZ Lubricator, and electro-mechanical components insure long life and smooth quiet operation.. VLAs are available in slide and cylinder types replacing pneumatic cylinders in many applications.

The easy to use software setup " Legend Wizard" prompts the user for answers via text-based questions that will quickly and efficiently generate the program code. The user now can accomplish the intended motion in just minutes versus hours or days compared to other offerings. We have empowered our customer's with a complete package to solve their industrial linear motion needs with a "best in class" solution from the two leaders in motion control, THK and Yaskawa.

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