LTI's new TXII is the centerpiece of the company's technological transformation and is the base for a new family of taxis to be designed and built over the next decade.

LTI Vehicles, manufacturer of the widely used black taxis in the U.K., has migrated to Catia V5 and SmarTeam for vehicle development. The software will help design teams make the vehicles more comfortable, convenient, and safe. New features will target wheelchair users and the visually and hearing impaired.

The taxi maker (www.lti.co.uk) cited greater demand for its taxis and a desire to expand product variations as the big reasons for the investment in PLM. LTI vehicles designed for export must meet varying customer demands and international vehicle regulations. CenitDesktop (www.cenitdesktop.com), a reseller in the U.K., is managing the implementation at LTI's Coventry manufacturing facility. LTI says higher sales prove that its PLM investments are paying off.