The days of back-breaking snow shoveling may be nearing an end thanks to radiant heating cable from Orbit Manufacturing, Perkasie, Pa. The Series TXLP cable from Nexan can be used for residential snow and ice melting on driveways, walkways, handicapped ramps, and patios. It works on concrete, asphalt, and pavers, keeping surfaces clean and dry.

The cable is available in 120 to 480 V and with thermostat controls, switches, and sensors. It includes a moisture-proof splice, an insulated cover, and metal-clad sheath. The cable installs beneath surfaces along with a temperature and moisture sensor. Melting begins when the sensors read conditions that produce sleet or snow. The cable then heats surface temperatures to between 35 and 40°F and stays energized for about 5 hr, depending on the rate of snowfall. The cable, which costs $4/ft2, can also be used to de-ice gutters.