Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., a manufacturer of end-of-line solutions for case packing, sealing, and palletizing, is introducing a number of redesigned products at Booth #1706.

The Vertical Case Packer is highlighted for providing an alternative solution to “pick and place” systems, with a bottom-loading technology that can be used to handle products gently with full support. A new open design offers better access to its internal workings by machine operators, allowing them to quickly and efficiently identify and diagnose maintenance needs. The machine also has an embedded LED intelligent lighting system to provide visual cues about the machine. These may include low product levels, low case magazines, product jams, and tripped safety circuits.

Following is the Sentry 5000, Schneider’s most recently redesigned case sealer that automatically detects box size, folds the flaps, and then applies water-activated tape to seal the case. With speeds up to 25 cases per minute, the Sentry line of case sealers reduces downtime for consumer packaged goods companies. It is on display at Booth #1706.

The Robox machine features proprietary software that analyses efficient pack patterns for customer palletizing and case packing. Introduced for Robox machines, the pattern-generating setup software automates layouts for palletizing, and provides users with an assortment of unit-load solutions directly on the Robox HMI. All setups are based on various case dimensions and usage.