Bayflex 180 RRIM (reinforced reaction-injection molding) plastic from Bayer MaterialsScience LLC, Pittsburgh (, forms the front and rear fascias and spoiler on 2005 Ford GT supercars. The Bayflex 180 system is said to have good low-temperature impact strength, energy elasticity and dimensional stability, a low coefficient of thermal expansion, and high heat resistance. It also has the ability to be molded into complex shapes, making it well suited for such demanding applications as the Ford GT body panels.

Moon Roof Corp. of America, Roseville, Mich., molds the components. It injects the Bayflex 180 material at low pressure into a two-piece, closed mold. The front fascia is reinforced with mica in a proprietary process, while the rear fascia, rocker panels, rear bumper cover and spoiler use wollastonite filler to boost stiffness and strength. All parts have an average wall thickness of about 3 mm. Molded parts go to another company for post cure, power washing and priming. The parts then head for finish paint and finally to the assembly line.

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