Arena Solutions, Menlo Park, Calif. (, recently received a Crossroads A-List award from Open Systems Advisors Inc. (OSA) for its product life-cycle management (PLM) service. The awards recognize new technology that delivers proven results.

Arena's PLM product, a Web-based service, is billed as providing low-risk and a high reward to companies managing multiple parts and suppliers. It is said to help speed product development and promote efficient management by unifying fragmented teams, outsourced partners, and remote suppliers.

“Customers tell us their on-demand PLM service is faster, better, and less expensive than traditional PLM approaches,” says Nina Lytton, president and principal analyst of OSA. “The customers also report they have halved development cycles and can push ECOs through two or three times faster. This type of positive feedback was instrumental in our decision to give Arena the Crossroads A-List honor,” she adds.