"I finished my BS in Mechanical Engineering this May and I’ve been pounding the pavement for that elusive first engineering job," says a recent posting in the Machine Design group on the social networking site LinkedIn. “My story is a bit different than that of other students, in that I worked my way through UWM while working a 40 hour job as a toolmaker. My senior design project involved designing a machine-side tool setting fixture that yielded an approximate 30% time savings. Please keep me in mind for any possible openings.”

The author of this short post quickly got five leads, including one from Siemens Healthcare for a machine design mechanical engineer in product development. Another lead suggested he visit the CIA Web site, which lists a position for a mechanical engineer with CNC experience.

As of this writing, there are several job openings posted on the group. They include one for an engineer with experience in designing friction welding machines, and another for application engineers with strong machining and tooling backgrounds

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Machine Design Group on LinkedIn (link only works for those belonging to LinkedIN), http://tinyurl.com/2w6b4v7
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