But seldom is there any preparation to assist in a smooth transition. As a result, most engineers are not aware of what being a new manager is all about until the role is thrust upon them. Career Enhancement for Engineers, offered during National Manufacturing Week, will examine some of the key elements in preparing for a successful transition from technical professional to manager.

This is only one of dozens of helpful sessions offered during National Manufacturing Week, September 24 to 27, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont (Chicago), Ill. The conference will highlight engineering, automation technology, computer-aided design and manufacturing, rapid prototyping, production machinery, material handling, lasers, motors and drives, networking, enterprise IT, electronics, components, device communications materials, quality systems, and more.

The NMW conference provides the latest technical training manufacturing professionals need to remain competitive in a global marketplace. Industry leaders will present practical tools designed for immediate application to your business.

The Assembly Technology Expo, Electronics Assembly Show, Plastec Midwest, and Quality Expo combine to offer the nation's single greatest event for advanced manufacturing. For details and registration, visit devicelink.com/expo/nmw07/.