Seymourpowell has designed the world's first hydrogen-powered motorcycle or ENV (Emissions Neutral Vehicle). The U.K. company used Pro/Engineer with the Inter-active Surface Design Extension, PTC's surfacing and styling module, and Pro/Intralink, a workgroup data manager, to design it.

The project was commissioned by another U.K. company, Intelligent Energy, to demonstrate the everyday use of fuel-cell technology. Intelligent Energy's detachable fuel cell can power vehicles or generate enough electricity for a small home.

The company says the emissions-neutral bike outperforms any electrical bike. In urban or off-road settings, the bike can hit 50 mph. It is virtually silent and emissions are almost completely clean. The bike runs up to 4 hr on one tank of fuel. The gearless bike is strictly defined as a motorbike, though riders say it's quick and responsive like a mountain bike.

Intelligent Energy,