A380 LG test at Airbus Filton, UK. Courtesy of Airbus, an EADS Co.

Moog FCS, Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands, has contracted with Airbus, Filton, UK to provide multi-channel digital-servo controls for all its Airbus ground-based testing facilities in Germany, United Kingdom, France and Spain until at least 2016.

A solid track record, system performance, and service, coupled with new innovations for faster and more accurate testing, helped Moog FCS win this project. According to an Airbus representative, "We selected Moog FCS not only on technical, but also on commercial aspects. We have had good experience with Moog FCS on product, service and their ability to collaborate on a joint project for accelerating testing."

The decision to move to a single platform was prompted by extensive testing schedules Airbus faces with developments on the A380, A400M and A350, in quick succession. The use of a single supplier across Airbus testing facilities in Europe will improve efficiency and flexibility and, let the company meet various program demands.

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