PLC-5 Series-F EtherNet/IP Processors and Series-C Interface Modules from Rockwell Automation, Milwaukee, now include 10/100-Mbps Ethernet connectivity, for use in larger, moredemanding high-throughput applications. Earlier PLC-5 processors contained only 10-Mbps communications.

An expanded messaging capability lets the PLC-5 send event-triggered e-mails. An upgrade to RSLogix 5 software sets up the e-mail messaging capabilities and optimizes communication configurations.

The upgraded RSLogix 5 software also lets users disable autonegotiation and select from four fixedspeed/duplex settings: 10-Mbps half duplex, 10-Mbps full duplex, 100-Mbps half duplex, or 100-Mbps full duplex. An RJ45 connector on the faceplate accepts CAT5 network cabling, eliminating the need for an external transceiver.

The PLC-5 Series-C Interface Module is available now. Rockwell says expect the PLC-5 Series-F processors by February of next year.