Julie Kalista
Online Editor

The engineering team was specifically involved in the material specification and the bearing component geometry for trailer systems used to move huge cargos like Atlas rocket bodies, Navy Seal SOC boats, aircraft fuselage components and large fabricated oil field tanks.

Ultracomp UC200 was used for the hold downs and fixturing. It has 54,000 psi compressive strength and self-lubricating qualities that allow for grease-free service and wear-life. The UC200 absorbs little to no moisture and is UV resistant making so it works in the outdoor environment that the trailers operate in. The material meets the needs of high-load, low-speed, and plane-bearing applications. It is a Bearing grade polyester/graphit composite that has abrasion-resisitance, does not require lubrication, and has low-moisture absorption.

Tristar Plastics Corp., tristar.com