Edited by Stephen Mraz

Engineers at Ingersoll Rand, Montvale, N.J. (ingersollrand.com), have taken cordless power tools to another level, giving them the power and durability needed by professional carpenters and builders, according to the company. Its line of IQ tools, which includes three impact tools and two drivers/drills, have up to 110% better power-to-weight ratios and 40% more reverse torque than other cordless tools, says Ingersoll Rand.

For durability and ease of use, the tools use composite housings reinforced with a patented metal substructure. The composite provides strength and resists chemicals and fluids common in shops and plants. A newly developed battery connection makes it easy to lock the replaceable battery pack in place without relying on mounts or clips that can bend or break. And a single battery charger can be used on chemistries ranging from nickel-cadmium to lithium ion and voltages from 7.2 to 19.2 V.

The IQ charger detects battery voltage and chemistry and adjusts the charging profile to match it. A renew feature restores batteries to like-new condition and calibrates any electronics on the battery pack. For nickel-cadmium cells, this eliminates memory effects, extending battery life by a factor of five.