ABS Aerolight, Serignan-du-Comtat, France, claims its new ultralight is as stable as a regular plane. The Xenon is a fully enclosed gyroplane, unusual for its tail made of two vertical fixed fins with symmetrical profiles and mobile rudders. The builder says the plane maintains its attitude during gear changes thanks to the large tail unit.

The ultralight features a selfsupporting composite body with reinforcements at each vital stress point. The 50-in.-wide cabin incorporates a helicopter-type instrument panel, and a fuel-injected Hirth F30 102-hp motor provides the power. Propulsion is via a Kevlar/carbon Ivoprop-type propeller with a diameter of 68.5 in. (1.74 m). The Xenon's extruded all-aluminum rotor makes it virtually vibration-free, the company says. The undercarriage depends on two aluminum blades in back, and a front welded yoke support. For those with time on their hands and spare room in the garage, the complete advanced kit can be assembled in about 250 hr.