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on Jun 17, 2014

Very soon the US will be pushing for international legislation to curb the use of drones.
hotel lyon 

on Jul 7, 2014

The Detroit Aircraft drone made for Lockheed-Martin is one of the slickest-looking and well-integrated unit, with folding arms and an assortment of functional features making a complete solution, but the cost is exceedingly exorbitant, considering the availability of integrated electronics available today, being refined further and becoming cheaper every day.

The kind of features it has can be built for less than $2,000 in a larger 8-motor system and for a quad-rotor about $1,200 - I've seen them on Instructables.com, but they are limited to commercially-avalable components that appear more utility than this sexy package, but that is only packaging that can be easily achieved with intelligent design and 3D printing.

The rapid product development we are witnessing is an irresistible force that is supposed to be lowering the price of admission and just because Lockheed-Martin can get premium prices from their government customers is no justification for gouging the taxpayers and charging product development & prototyping prices for a product that is in production already.

So my question/challenge to the manufacturer is what is the value proposition of your hi-cost platform when every other product is getting better and cheaper?

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