Stephen Mraz

Senior Editor, Machine Design

Steve serves as Senior Editor of Machine Design.  He has 23 years of service and has a B.S. Biomedical Engineering from CWRU. Steve was a E-2C Hawkeye Naval Flight Officer in the U.S. Navy. He is currently responsible for areas such as aerospace, defense, and medical.

Posts by Stephen Mraz

in A Skeptical Engineer Dec 04, 2013

Amazon's Air Delivery Ad

Did you see the Amazon commercial this past weekend? You might’ve been fooled (like this columnist ) into thinking it was a serious news item....More
in A Skeptical Engineer Nov 26, 2013

Some hi-tech to be thankful for

One thing we can all be thankful is that high-tech has given us more media than we know what to do with, which is a good thing. The average person....More
in A Skeptical Engineer Oct 31, 2013

How Maker Geeks celebrate Halloween

What do 100 Maker Geeks do on Oct. 31?....More
in A Skeptical Engineer Oct 10, 2013

ITOD: New Internet slang

ITOD, I'd LOL & LMAO @ TLA....More
in A Skeptical Engineer Sep 13, 2013

Can the government force feed us electric cars?

Can the government force feed us electric cars?....More
in A Skeptical Engineer Aug 13, 2013

Hyperloop or Hyperloopy?

Engineers look at Elon Musk's new transportation concept: Hyperloop....More
in A Skeptical Engineer Jun 21, 2013

Another speed bump for electric cars and new car companies

Here’s a column on the laws that hamper Tesla Motors in its efforts to sell electric cars in Texas because they don’t want to go....More
in A Skeptical Engineer Jun 03, 2013

Museums for Engineers: Intro

Send in images and info from museums engineers would appreciate....More
in A Skeptical Engineer May 21, 2013

Losing $10k per car, making it up in volume

Fiat/Chrysler will be soon selling its all-electric e500 in California (only) for $32,500. And if you can put up with all the downsides of a small....More
in A Skeptical Engineer Apr 24, 2013

Technology refuses to prove superstitions

If video cameras don't record it, does it exist?....More

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