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in Circuit Shorts Jan 25, 2012

Wingardium leviosa

Those words combined with "a swish and a flick" of her magic wand let Hermione Granger send a feather from her desk top into the airy heights of a....More
in Circuit Shorts Jan 06, 2012

My first blog of 2012

I don't normally make New Year Resolutions, but one of the areas I did note to improve upon in 2012 is adding new entries to this blog. Preferably, I....More
in Getting Your Move On Dec 09, 2011

Didn't Willy Wonka do this?

Take 54 bottles of Coke Zero, combine with 324 Mentos mints, and use the resulting explosive release of carbon dioxide and Coke to propel a vehicle....More
in Circuit Shorts Nov 30, 2011

Perhaps a Shake-weight Power Generator Might Help?

Interesting word comes from the Africomm Conference 2011 in Zanzibar, Tanzania, concerning the use of mobile phones and other devices in Africa. It....More
in Circuit Shorts Oct 21, 2011

Memristors are made of this...

A recent report from Hewlett-Packard (HP) outlines a small breakthrough in a technology that could find its way into the next generation of computer....More
in Circuit Shorts Oct 21, 2011

What did they expect?

News from the lighting sector bemoans the fact that sales of light bulbs are dropping off, particularly CFLs, compact fluorescent lights. Well, duh!....More
in Circuit Shorts Jul 26, 2011

Ethernet surpasses legacy bandwidth

According to the Vertical Systems Group, Ethernet bandwidth in the U.S. now exceeds the total aggregate bandwidth of all other legacy circuits....More
in Getting Your Move On Jul 14, 2011

Rube Goldberg Photography

The folks over at 2D Photography Inc., Toronto, Canada, have come up with the most whacky Rube Goldberg machine that you can imagine to take a....More
in Circuit Shorts May 11, 2011

iPad 2: Supercomputer?

According to Dr. Jack Dongarra, a member of the computer science faculty at the University of Tennessee and researcher at Oak Ridge National....More
in Circuit Shorts Feb 17, 2011

Net neutrality stifling innovation and the economy? On the contrary!

Republicans in the House and Senate on Wednesday introduced resolutions that would vacate the Federal Communications Commission's recent Net....More

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