Posts by Leslie Gordon

Hola! Siemens and Guadalajara?

I recently flew to Guadalajara to visit the two Siemens plants there: Control Components....More

Adams software helps simulate Curiosity's descent to Mars

Engineers at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) used Adams multibody dynamics software from MSC Software to simulate the sky crane maneuver....More

NVIDIA blog: NASA plans rover missions using a 3D game

According to the NVIDIA blog, the team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory that controls the rover Curiosity is using NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses to see....More

Objet showcases 3D printing's impact on Hollywood films at SIGGRAPH 2012

Objet Ltd., ., which develops, manufactures, and sells ultra-thin-layer, high-resolution 3D printing machines for rapid prototyping and....More

How to combat workplace stress

The difficult economy and its "layoffs" and "downsizing" has made the workplace stressful for many. People fear that might lose their jobs tomorrow....More

Seven nifty Rube Goldberg machines

Reuben (Rube) Goldberg is best known for a series of popular cartoons depicting complex gadgets that perform simple tasks in indirect, convoluted....More

How smart devices can make you dumb

I was at the recent PlanetPTC Live event in Orlando Florida. I wanted to tweet about "Creo" -- the company's new suite of engineering software apps....More

At PlanetPTC Live: Whirlpool is thinking straight

I just spent a few days at PlanetPTC Live in Orlando Fla. As usual on a business trip, most of the time was spent in freezing conference rooms, but I....More

Additive mfg: RAPID and 3D imaging show

I'm attending the RAPID and 3d imaging show here in Atlanta, Ga. Evidently, the term "rapid" as is "rapid prototyping" has been replaced by the more....More

Here's What Facebook Sends the Cops

The FindLaw site says that when law-enforcement officials subpoenas Facebook, it gives them almost all the information you have posted online, your....More

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