Lee Teschler

Editor, Machine Design

Leland serves as Editor-in-Chief of Machine Design. He has 34 years of Service and holds a B.S. Engineering from the University of Michigan, a B.S. Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan;, and a MBA from Cleveland State University. Prior to joining Penton, Lee worked as a Communications design engineer for the U.S. Government.

Posts by Lee Teschler

Jul 17, 2014

Today's STEM students are lucky

Back in the age of dinosaurs when I was an engineering undergrad, the lab work generally ranged between uninspiring and discouraging....More
Jul 08, 2014

When a liberal arts degree isn't enough, bring on “experiential learning”

There are unavoidable constants in life that usually are said to include death and taxes. To this list we should add old people complaining about....More
Jul 03, 2014

More automakers going with fiberglass springs

Audi is in the news this week because it plans to start using suspension springs made of glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) in one of its cars....More
Jun 27, 2014

Ten for STEM - Ten developments promoting science & technology learning

Education in the area of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) has been in the headlines as employers find it tough to....More
Jun 17, 2014

Why more investors aren't millionaires and more engineers aren't innovators

Every once in a while you'll find commentary in the finanical community that has insights applying equally well to other areas. That is the case....More
Jun 12, 2014

A lot of industrial networks have a big hole in their cyber security

Despite the fact that the Stuxnet virus made headlines when it attacked programmable logic controllers running Iran's nuclear centrifuges,  ....More
solar roadways panel
Jun 03, 2014

.....Solar roadways? Only one way to find out if they are a pipe dream

An outfit called Solar Roadways wants to replace asphalt roads and parking lots with solar cells and claims this idea is practical based on the tests....More
May 29, 2014

Wind turbines for low wind speeds defy Betz limit efficiency

Many designers of utility scale wind turbines dismiss the idea of using turbines to capture energy from light breezes and in areas where there isn....More