Elisabeth Eitel

Machine Design

Elisabeth is Senior Editor of Machine Design magazine. She has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Fenn College at Cleveland State University. Over the last decade, Elisabeth has worked as a technical writer — most recently as Chief Editor of Motion System Design magazine.

Posts by Elisabeth Eitel

Book review: Motion Sensing for Autonomous Systems

Motion Vision: Design of Compact Motion Sensing Solutions for Navigation of Autonomous Systems is now out in hardcover. Published by the British....More

Huge backing for $100 3D printer, but remember caveats

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Case study: Artist 3D prints tiny hammers

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Racing and 3D printing inspire superfast e-bike

Performance motorcycles abound but all-electric versions could be coming to a dealership near you. Italian manufacturer CRP Group has plans to sell....More

Rejected patents and recalls cost $9,364,401,650

There's no doubt that bad product designs waste money. Now, design-software company Autodesk has assembled the hard data on just how much....More

3D printing inspires handheld CNC + homemade furniture

Over the last 13 days, more than 200 people have given money through Kickstarter to fund development of a handheld CNC machine....More

Don't try this at home: Industrial already dominates 3D printing

According to new research by Wohlers Associates, the real growth in 3D printing is already dominated industrial applications....More

Jury out on promises, but $347 3D printer is fun

3D manufacturing has been touted as the new revolution in American Manufacturing — even by the President himself. Today, Brookyn-based....More