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Oct 11, 2011

How geeks celebrate Halloween

Here's a neat little tutorial on how to carve up that Halloween pumpkin into a Death Star from the movie Star Wars. Any other idea on how geeks....More
Sep 20, 2011

Where are all the new(er) U.S. car companies?

Ever wonder why no new U.S. car companies have been started up over the past couple of decades? And I'm not counting small shops that are custom....More
Aug 30, 2011

Research clouds climate-change models

Scientists at the Swiss-based CERN recently concluded experiments that seem to show the Sun and its changing magnetic field affect cloud formation in....More
Aug 05, 2011

Survival Research Labs: Machines with whimsical madness

It's hard to beat Survival Research Labs when it comes to leveraging leading-edge technology and robotics into true spectacles of confusion and....More
Jun 15, 2011

California ties itself into a green knot

The governor of California recently signed a law mandating that his state get one-third of its electricity from renewables by 2020. Robert Bryce,....More
May 17, 2011

Sex in Space, Part I

A Russian biomedical agency recently declared that cosmonauts never had sex or conducted sex-related experiments in space. NASA hands out the same....More
Apr 26, 2011

Boeing vs. the Union (and the NLRB)

It looks like the National Labor Relations Board is trying to punish Boeing for having the audacity to run its own business rather than cater to one....More
Apr 11, 2011

Buy these light bulbs or else.

The efficiency standards for light bulbs that are about to go into effect amount to a ban on traditional incandescent bulbs. But don't worry about....More
Mar 31, 2011

You thought engineers took worthless courses? Hah!

"Student" athletes at Stanford University were given a list of courses such as Beginning Improvising and Social Dances in North America III, that....More
Mar 23, 2011

Mars needs . . . communism?

There are whack jobs, then there are politicians. Seems Hugo Chavez, Supreme Potentate of Venezuela, thinks capitalism hurt Mars. Check it out....More
Feb 24, 2011

Steve Jobs is an inventor?

There are more than a few bloggers and writers out there (like this one) claiming that Steve Jobs of Apple is a world-class inventor. Give me a break....More
Feb 07, 2011

EPA = speed bump for Diesels

What's stopping U.S. drivers from enjoying the low-mileage benefits of relatively clean diesels? The EPA, that study in unintended consequences....More
Jan 28, 2011

Winter = A speed bump for electric cars

If you live in a city that gets hit every now and then with snow storms, you're familiar with your daily commute going from 30 minutes to three hours....More
Jan 13, 2011

Relying on the Russians for space travel. How embarrassing.

When the Space Shuttle makes it last flight, which is now scheduled for Feb. 24, the U.S. will be dependent on Russia for rides to and from the Space....More
Dec 09, 2010

Lazy, lazy students

I have the rare honor of approving and disapproving comments to articles and items on the Machine Design website. In doing so, I come across an....More

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