Eighth-grade engineers

Who says we lack an upcoming generation of engineers? Eighth graders at Our Lady of Guadalupe Middle School in Detroit, Mich., are learning such sophisticated terms as:

* active dimension

A dimensional callout in a drawing that is linked to a dimensional constraint in a design

* active sketch

The sketch that is enabled as the site of object creation or modification. It is indicated in the design object browser by bold type face.

* active workplane

The workplane containing the active sketch. It is indicated in the design object browser by bold type face.

* add-in

A user-created program that uses the Pro/DESKTOP functionality. It is structured as an ActiveX program. See also macro.

* angled workplane

A workplane created with a defined angular orientation relative to a datum object.

* assembly

A design file that has components added to it from other design files. An assembly may be used as a component in a higher-level assembly.

* associativity

The parametric relationships shared by objects. A change in one object can induce changes in the other, or be controlled by constraints on the other object. For example, if a hole is driven by the diameter of a shaft, and the shaft diameter changes, then the hole changes automatically.

* attraction point

A black square that appears on a sketch object when prehighlighted in creation mode. Indicates the location where a new object would attach to the prehighlighted object, if you clicked and dragged at that point.

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