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small change, big gains
Oct 09, 2013

Small change, big gains

A recently released paperback from energy entrepreneur Thomas In Small Change, Big Gains, Stoner both gives a thorough background in the economics....More
Oct 03, 2013

What Steve Jobs' biographer got right

If you haven't already seen the movie about Steve Jobs' life, my advice would be not to bother. I lived through the early history of Jobs....More
Sep 03, 2013

Why some degrees may be worthless

Many of us who have been in the corporate world for awhile have encountered  a situation or two like this: You run into recent grads who don....More
Jul 08, 2013

Here's what happens when STEM promotion is successful: A million Indian engineering grads scramble for jobs

Now we know what can happen when too many kids get funneled into engineering curricula. According to a report in The Economic Times, there were....More
Jun 07, 2013

101 things I learned in engineering school

Every once in awhile I come across a book I wished I would have had when I was an engineering undergrad. 101 Things I Learned in Engineering School....More

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