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Jan 30, 2008

good luck trying to find a domestically produced pair of sneakers

How much economic stimulus do you think tax cuts will bring? Not much, according to the U.S. Business and Industry Council. Their argument is that so....More
Jan 29, 2008

sobering manufacturing statistics for the upcoming primary election

Here are some numbers to ponder. Organizations like the AAM are sometimes given to a bit of hyperbole, but even if their figures are half right, the....More
Jan 22, 2008

How can an F-15 break up in mid air? cool video explanation

The folks at Avweb produced an interesting video about the break up of an F-15 during a training flight. The explanation of what went wrong and the....More
Jan 18, 2008

Notes on the Detroit auto show -- The lighter side of Toyota's concept pickup

So there we were waiting for a press conference to start wherein Toyota was to announce its A-Bat truck concept. The seating was filling up but the....More
Jan 18, 2008

Notes on the Detroit Auto Show ... Can you drive in Chinese?

Chinese automakers that included Geely, BYD, and Changfeng introduced new models at the Detroit Auto Show's press day events. Media reports on these....More
Jan 07, 2008

amazing Thunderbirds crash photo - how it happened

The folks at avweb did a good job looking up the origins of this photo and turning it into an interesting video. It is a good analysis of how....More
Jan 05, 2008

Another 200,000 manufacturing jobs down the drain

This hit my inbox this afternoon from the Alliance for American Manufacturing after the Commerce Dept. jobs report of this morning: According to the....More
Dec 12, 2007

Why American students don't sign up for science & technology careers

Dan Greenberg's column in the Chronicle Review helps explain why the supposed lack of interest in S....More
Dec 12, 2007

Cool video - the disappearing car door

Taking doors beyond a piece of sheet metal and a couple of hinges....More
Nov 08, 2007

The negligible impact of CO2 reductions on temperature

John Christy, director of the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama and a participant in the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on....More
Oct 25, 2007

what a mid-air crash sounds like to air traffic controllers

Another item from the AVweb newsletter: The audio of the ATC handling a mid-air emergency is quite interesting. It runs about 8 minutes. MIDAIR DRAMA....More
Oct 24, 2007

What happens when a Falcon 900 meets an asphalt roller

This from a recent AVweb Biz newsletter, interesting photos if you follow general aviation: ASPHALT ROLLER 1, FALCON 0 (
Oct 18, 2007

What's a field service engineer worth?

Education was one of the themes you could find at the Pack Expo show this year. At one conference session this morning, the discussion centered on....More
Oct 17, 2007

no clear definition of sustainability

You are not alone if you are having trouble coming up with a clear idea of what sustainability is when it comes to manufactured or produced goods. At....More
Oct 16, 2007

sustainability and PackExpo

Engineers familiar with the packaging industry are probably familiar with the PackExpo show. It is the premier trade show in packaging equipment, and....More

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