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Apr 30, 2008

Not getting enough sleep? Blame it on your cross-disfunctional team

Psychological strain from co-workers and bosses turn out to be a major reason for people not getting enough sleep....More
Apr 25, 2008

Is math taught better with abstractions or examples?

If there are two trains speeding toward each other, what is the acceleration of coins tossed at algebra instructors? Item: Abstract Math Produces....More
Apr 18, 2008

Want water-efficient energy? Forget biofuels and ethanol

Virginia Tech researchers claim the creation of ethanol and biofuels consume the most water of any source of energy. The most water-efficient energy....More
Apr 11, 2008

Clinton, Obama don't want to debate on science

It is interesting to read Dan Greenberg's comments on Science Debate 2008, proposed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the....More
Apr 10, 2008

More PhD's head home after graduation in the US

Readers of my editorials might recall my Feb. 21 column which quoted Vivek Wadhwa, Executive in Residence at Duke University, as warning that more....More
Apr 07, 2008

What low-altitude passes look like from the cockpit

It's a wonder pilots don't come back with brown underwear when they fly this low. Points up how much trust you have in your equipment to do runs like....More
Apr 07, 2008

It takes 11 years to break even after college

It takes the average college student at a public university about 11 years to break even after paying for school and missing about four years worth....More
Apr 03, 2008

What a joke - Computer program claims to customize humor to your tastes

Go to this site by researchers at U. Cal Berkeley and it gives you eight lame jokes to rate. Based on your ratings it gives you jokes optimized to....More
Apr 02, 2008

In honor of April Fool's day

National Instruments does this every April 1. This is their spoof release for this year. Elementary....More
Apr 01, 2008

Interesting statistics about CAD companies using HiB visa holders

This interesting tid bit comes courtesy of Ralph Grabowski's upFront.eZine newsletter. You can have a new hobby by checking out how many H1B visas....More
Mar 28, 2008

Would you pay more for a green car?

The Wall Street Journal recently carried an interview with GM's Bob Lutz that was interesting. One of his comments was on whether people are willing....More
Mar 25, 2008

Orange More Important Than Green

Ralph Grabowski writes a great free e-newsletter on CAD which I subscribe to. His latest issue has an interesting observation on CAD companies and....More
Mar 21, 2008

Robotic music? Only if a collection of actuators is considered a robot

The Science Magazine site has a pretty interesting video of what's called robotic music which is interesting for what it reveals about the definition....More
Mar 14, 2008

math panel says: emphasize fractions

Readers of my editorials may recall one piece wherein I mentioned the story of a 1980s presidential candidate who reportedly had to ask his press....More
Mar 13, 2008

American PhD charge with a crime for calling himself "Dr." in Germany

Apparently the Germans don't recognize a PhD degree as conferring the title of Doctor, so they charged an American researcher working at the Max....More

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