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Jun 16, 2008

Conversion kits: You, too, can have a plug-in hybrid

For just writing a $10,000 check for a conversion kit, you, too, can have a plug-in hybrid. Oh, and if you drive 40 miles daily, you'll break even on....More
Jun 13, 2008

What's new in UAVs: better engines, morphed wings

At the AUVSI unmanned systems show earlier this week, it was interesting to note all the interest in engine technology for UAVs. The image most....More
Jun 13, 2008

Free symmetry software

You may remember from your calculus classes that symmetry can sometimes be used to solve equations that at first look daunting. But some symmetries....More
Jun 03, 2008

Here's a guy who is literally buried in his work

This sort of makes you wonder about other inventors who might have been buried in what they invented: Associated Press June 3, 2008 - Cincinnati--The....More
May 31, 2008

What goes into the cost of a gallon of gas?

I happened to come upon this piece of information from D.R. Barton, a financial columnist, on the cost components of gasoline. It makes interesting....More
May 29, 2008

more bad news for corn-based ethanol

There has been yet another study that has concluded that corn-based ethanol is bad news from a variety of angles. To quote the summary, The study....More
May 23, 2008

Did you have instructors who were dolts?

Here's a situation a lot of us have experienced: You take a class that gives you headaches. After a lot of soul searching, you start to wonder if the....More
May 13, 2008

FedEx misses its earnings forecast -- could hybrid trucks be the culprit?

Awhile back I wrote about a mutual funds manager who took FedEx management to task for investing in hybrid delivery vehicles though there was no....More
May 08, 2008

engineers of jihad - Stephen King said it first

A few issues ago, I wrote an editorial challenging the conclusions of a report called Engineers of Jihad, which claimed engineers had a linear-....More
May 05, 2008

return of the retro turboencabulator

Someone emailed me a link to Rockwell Automation's spoof of several years ago wherein they created a short video for their new "retro....More
May 03, 2008

When you think you've had a tough day at the office, think of these pilots

Sure makes you think twice about taking a helicopter ride....More
May 02, 2008

most tech entrepreneurs aren't kids

A while back I wrote an editorial wherein I quoted Duke University's Vivek Wadhwa about the role of foreign PhD's in U.S. innovation. Wadhwa recently....More
May 02, 2008

a robot with eyebrows

MIT's media lab recently posted on YouTube a video of a creation called Nexi. Its claim to fame is a set of eyebrows that can rise in surprise, slant....More
May 02, 2008

the future will be measured in nanometers

Several years ago we published an article describing efforts toward creating nano manufacturing machines. The idea was to create mechanical....More
Apr 30, 2008

Not getting enough sleep? Blame it on your cross-disfunctional team

Psychological strain from co-workers and bosses turn out to be a major reason for people not getting enough sleep....More

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