Amazon's Air Delivery Ad

Did you see the Amazon commercial this past weekend? You might’ve been fooled (like this columnist ) into thinking it was a serious news item on a new commercial use for drones. But, in fact, it was a press release from Amazon timed for wide distribution right before Cyber Monday, a big day for online shopping. Only a tragic train wreck kept the delivery drones from being the top news item on practically every major TV news program. The news directors couldn’t resist the free B-roll of Amazon-labelled mini-copters flying around and dropping off a package. But couldn’t they tell an ad from real news? Or did they not even care?

How many obstacles can you count standing between Amazon and its pipe dream?

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on Dec 10, 2013

Very Good

shrinivas (not verified)
on Dec 13, 2013

a skeptical engineer coments with a non constructive view. DRones for online delivery of goods is a great idea and all obstacles shall be mitigated in due course
retired electrical engineer

satybarole (not verified)
on Jan 15, 2014

If that drone is real than that was a magic of Engineering Technology.


HSE Engineer LNG

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