Stop Oversizing Pneumatic Components
Exhaustive pneumatic-system tests help engineers pick smaller components and ideal pressures that save money and optimize designs
Stepper motors tread on servosystem turf
Stepper motors are often less expensive than servos in position-control systems that don't need micron accuracy.
Rapid Prototyping Hits Light Speed
Believe it or not, flashing light on photopolymers lets one RP machine build 50 parts in the time conventional machines build one
Advanced Weapons Battle Dirty Oil
The latest diagnostic equipment constantly checks oil condition and filter performance
High-Speed Gearheads for Shrinking Servos
Gearheads that turn fast with minimal vibration help small servos replace larger ones
Shocks bump up automation speeds
Today’s shock absorbers carry higher loads in smaller packages than previous ones, allowing their use in a wider range of applications
Vibrations help find faulty components
Vibration-monitoring equipment helps engineers catch bearing defects early, preventing unexpected machine shutdowns
Direct-drive motors: Fast and Accurate
Traditional high-performance rotary machines such as tables, robots, turrets, and pedestal assemblies typically run on standard servomotors connected to rotating members through transmissions
Direct-drive motors: Fast And Accurate
The fundamentals of motor design have changed little over the course of time, but the technologies used to improve tolerances, and implement new assembly techniques, materials, and stator and rotor geometries are constantly evolving.
Smoothing the Stresses of Torsional Vibration
Torsional vibration in rotating equipment can break gear teeth and fatigue shafts but the right tests pinpoint and eliminate the problem
What To Put On Part Prints For Plastic Gears
When creating a part print for a gear, the geometric drawing often becomes top priority
Gears Put A New Spin On Turbofan Performance
A new jet engine with a gear reduction between the fan and compressor optimizes engine-component speeds and boosts the turbofan’s efficiency
Lightweight Parts for Heavy-Duty Jobs
Light, strong metal-matrix prototypes outperform iron and steel and conduct heat fast enough to keep circuit boards cool
Creating Efficient Graphs With Dimensionless Variables
Although units like kilogram and newton seem indispensable to an equation, plotting a function using dimensionless variables requires much fewer curves
Screw Techniques for Vinyl Components
Engineers have two options when it comes to assembling plastic components with screws: self-tapping screws and threaded inserts. There are two basic types of self-tapping screws used with plastics: thread forming, such as ASA type B, and thread rolling, such as Camcar Plastite
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