Getting temperatures right 1
There are tricks of the trade when it comes to getting an accurate measure of temperature.
"Private Moth reporting for duty, sir!"
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) imagines an army of remote-controlled insect-cyborg scouts.
Better bundles with leadscrews
Replacing a pneumatic actuator with an intelligent lead-screw system let a company that makes shrink-bundling machinery avoid difficulties when changing product lines.
Clsoing the Gap on Hydraulic Leaks
Environmental, cost, and safety issues are making leak-free hydraulics critical.
Mathematical models for electric hydraulic drives
Conventional fluid-power laws often cannot adequately model hydraulic systems. They need a method that simultaneously solves for all parameters in the system.
Power and efficiency drive motor selection
Methods for sizing motors, selecting drives and controllers, and using design rules for reducing cogging torque, help motion control engineers build more accurate, efficient, and reliable systems.
Sometimes it pays to be eccentric
There's more than one way to get high positional accuracy, minimal backlash, and high reduction rations in small packages.
2000 Buick Park Avenue-- Luxury ride eats snow drifts for breakfast
I remember driving my parents '73 Caddy in the snow and having a pretty good time fishtailing around corners and doing donuts in empty parking lots.
Basics of Design Engineering: Bearings
Air bearings for linear applications, segmented bearings that can be installed into hard-to-reach places, and thermoplastic bearings molded with integral pulleys or gear teeth are just a few of the recent developments from bearing manufacturers.
High-Accuracy Linear Guides Without High Costs
Traditional profile monorails deliver the highest accuracy for linear motion.
Make Your Designs Revolutionary, But Keep Them Simple and Clever Too
Sometimes you’re better off knowing too little than too much, or at least better off using what you already know rather than struggling to come up with something revolutionary
Caution: Mathematical Shortcuts Ahead
When engineers set out to solve lengthy design problems they often shoot first for ball-park numbers so they can meet their deadlines
Getting A Grip On Clutch And Brake Selection
Learn the basic steps for picking the best clutch or brake instead of waiting to learn them when a component fails.
Aircraft Fasteners Keep Race Cars on the Track
When a customer's race-car engine blew up on the starting line, Fred Carrillo turned to aircraft-grade fasteners from SPS Technologies Inc. to solve the problem. Although the connecting rod, which Carrillo manufactures, first appeared to cause the failu
What You Ought to Know About Ball Screws
Whether the goal is high precision or low cost, ball screws are often the best option for linear actuation
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