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Alloy has 3 times the strength of conventional steel
University of Virginia scientists announce the development of a nonmagnetic amorphous alloy that boasts of superior anticorrosion properties and a strength triple that of conventional steel.
Metal and microwaves
Scientists at Dana Corp., Toledo, Ohio, developed a way to harness microwave energy for heat treating and coating of metal and ceramic parts.
Vested interest in protecting fragile adults
Three Johns Hopkins University engineering students devised a harness and vest that may help protect adults with osteoporosis and other brittle bone disorders.
Wireless wonder monitors health of explorers
NASA scientists developed a lightweight device that lets physicians monitor the health and safety of explorers in remote locations on Earth. In the future, it may see use in space to check astronauts during space travel.
Animatics, Quicksilver bury the hatchet, settle patent suit
A five-year legal battle over integrated servomotor technology is over. A hotly contested patent case involving Animatics Corp. and Quicksilver Controls Inc. has been resolved, completely settling out all parties and ending the related litigation.
Working on a BMW: A teenager's dream
German automaker BMW is donating eight current-model vehicles to high schools and technical schools across the eastern U.S. for use in automotive-technician training programs.
Clean air for military computers
The world's first MIL-Spec Air Filters now grace VME-style computers built for military and other applications characterized by harsh conditions.
Automated foundry fights foreign competition 1
Relentless competition and an influx of off-shore castings has hurt the U.S. and Canadian foundry industries, according to Arnie Bloomquist, president of foundry-equipment manufacturer IMF North America, Muskegon, Mich.
Electric arcs could silence jet engines
Technology developed at Ohio State University may bring about quieter jet engines. Researchers created a silencer technology that creates electrical arcs to control turbulence in engine exhaust airflow — the chief cause of engine noise.
Nanotube coatings for spacecraft
Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute are trying to develop synthetic lubricant coatings for future air and spacecraft.
Cold finger
Three critical components in the head of a new cryo-therapy device are machined to extremely tight tolerances from Ketron PEEK-1000 Black. The CryoPen from H&O Equipments, Aalst, Belgium, freezes localized sections of human tissue, destroying them while keeping the tissue's fiber structure intact.
New CAD maxim: Two hands are better than one
The manager at welding-machine maker ESAB says design times dropped by 30% thanks to something called a SpaceMouse.
New Yorkers get access to alternative fueling
A partnership between the State of New York and natural gas provider Clean Energy will open eight compressed natural-gas (CNG) fueling stations.
Sensors spot cheating in golf: Split-second measurements spot "hot" drivers
Ever since Tiger Woods claimed that some tour pros were using “hot” clubs — drivers deemed nonconforming by the U. S. Golf Assn. — there has been growing interest in a quick way to determine if a club is illegal.
2004 Dodge Durango Hemi
Chrysler Corp. introduced the Hemi V8 engine — named for its trademark hemisphericalshaped heads — in 1951.
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