Ron Khol

It's the highways, stupid!
Before we had Interstate Highways, virtually the only limited-access roads were turnpikes.
Everything has been invented, maybe
The story is told often, but I'll tell it again.
Seventy-Five Years Of Publishing And The Evolution Of Design Engineering
As fate would have it, the inaugural issue of MACHINE DESIGN coincided almost exactly with the stock-market crash and the beginning of the Great Depression.
Voodoo in the personnel department
If you apply for a job today, you might be asked to take a psychological test as part of the interview process.
Easy credit drives up prices
My wife and I are unusual in that we have lived in the same house for 41 years.
Executives in the news
When today's newspapers report on business, the articles often concern criminal activity by corporate executives.
How to be a good manager
Whenever I see an advertisement for a book on corporate management, I write it off as just another load of malarkey.
The power of constructive ridicule
View other RonKhol editorialsWhen I left engineering and took a job in the publishing business, business publications at the time were notorious for poor writing.
Outsourcing revisited
Last May, Forrester Research Inc. issued a report saying that the export of service jobs to offshore locations is growing faster than previously thought.
I have a dream
Here is a thought experiment about changes that have taken place in the United States.
Another commencement address nobody asked me to give
Once again I have prepared an address for presentation at a university commencement and, again, no university has invited me to speak.
The backlash against sending work offshore
We interrupt this column to bring you a special bulletin from the Machine Design newsroom. This just in.
Everything old is new again
A well-known news magazine published the following commentary on governmental and societal problems.
Outsourcing, like a brutal beating, is good for you
A college campus is not an alien place for me. I like to go to cocktail parties where I can wear a tweed sport jacket and hold a glass of wine while I regale other guests with fascinating and amusing tales of my life in the publishing business. So I always figured I belong on a college campus like a pig belongs in mud.
They make good money down at the mill
Most of us who grew up in cities dominated by heavy industry were accustomed to hearing the term "good money." For example, the conversation of relatives and friends frequently included such comments as, "He makes good money down at the mill."
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