Ron Khol

Another commencement address nobody asked me to give
Once again, I thought I would be invited to give a commencement address at a university this year.
Why you haven't "reinvented" your company
The word "reinvent" is a dumb term, having an overtone of redundancy.
We aren't all cheapskates
People sometimes overly generalize about the economy and how people spend their money.
A most politically incorrect statement
One day my wife and I were leaving the Mountaineer Casino and Resort in Chester, W. Va.
Rethinking voter qualifications
The passions of the past presidential election are well behind us, so this would be a good time to reflect on the way we elect presidents
Stop salting the roads
I've never forgotten a conversation I once had with a lady about winter driving.
Write your own editorial
Our tradition is to devote an editorial column each year to the dollar values associated with the income or spending of various institutions, corporations, or classes of individuals.
The airlines need more regulation
In plain talk, the deregulation of airlines now means they are free to abuse passengers in any way they see fit.
Answering my spam
A lot of people I don't know send me e-mail. Friends tell me this unsolicited mail is called spam.
Why I write about poverty
Most of our readers are pretty perceptive, but we do have a few who live in a fool's paradise.
Don't Make Me Laugh
Our December Editorial Column, because it falls at the onset of the Holiday Season, does not dwell on any weighty issues of the day.
Seventy Five Years of Publishing and the Birth of Design Engineering
I know of no book that chronicles the origins of design engineering.
Voices From The Past
Articles about the future make for interesting reading, but perhaps even more fascinating are articles from the past predicting how things will be in what is now the present.
Children in poverty
I can still recall conversations between my mother and father that took place when I was just a child.
Presidential elections for dummies
Another presidential election will soon be upon us. Unfortunately, both parties are making nothing but silly appeals to emotion in their campaigns. The best political brains in our nation evidently feel that talking to people on an idiot level is what it takes to get a candidate elected.
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