Ron Khol

Subsidies increase prices
Conventional wisdom tells you that the price of an item won't rise if you subsidize it adequately. But housing, autos, and education are all markets where prices have risen even though they have seen appreciable subsidies.
The best of the best
The problem with most award competitions is that the winners have to nominate themselves.
More on the American medical establishment
In the Editorial of November 17, 2005, I described the shock of having good health for my entire lifetime, then suddenly coming down with illnesses that immersed me in the American health-care industry.
The shock of encountering the American medical establishment
In the last five years, I have turned into the kind of person I never wanted to be, namely, a voracious consumer of medical services and an immense liability to my insurers.
The news about road salt is worse than we thought
My column in the March 3 issue this year discusses how road salt is bad for our vehicles, highways, ecology, water supplies, and concrete structures such as parking garages.
The Testing Mania
Something is terribly wrong with our educational establishment, and I am not talking about standards or the curriculum.
The end of upward mobility
In the small community where I grew up, Tommy Goodwin was the town drunk.
Automobiles styled for cartoons
Remember back in high school, how kids who were car nuts would sit in study hall and sketch their versions of dream cars?
My role models taught me about management
The one uncle and many aunts from the maternal side of my family were an unusual collection of people.
Who sends Spam?
Because I am curious about who sends the spam I receive, I use the "Better Whois" Web site to look up the domains from which it is sent.
The end of the prestige automobile
Like so many people today, I work a second job to make ends meet.
Have you been there and done that?
A relative of mine, immediately after graduating from college, went to work for a bank.
An automotive sales pitch for idiots
If you want to be alarmed about something, cogitate on the fact that half the people in America have an IQ under 100.
How safety forces hose the public
There has been a big change in the way safety forces respond to routine fender-benders, at least where I live.
What we learn from movies
A newspaper columnist recently wrote an article on how movies can transform our lives. For example, she says a movie about Patsy Cline made her a lifelong fan of country music.
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